Places To Visit in China

Here are the top 8 tourist places in China

1. Macau

4.5 /5

1 out of 8
Places to visit in China 66
Tourist attractions

The resort city of Macau, or Macao, is an amalgam of holidays, events and festivities. Lauded as the 'top gambling destination in the world', Macau is located in southern China, a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. Spread across 30 square kilometre in size, it is small enough to feel inti...

Best Time: Middle of October to December.

2. Beijing

3.7 /5

2 out of 8
Places to visit in China 14
Tourist attractions

Beijing is one of China's most historic cities. It has been the capital of various emperors over centuries and continues to be the capital of China today. It is a major tourist attraction due to the heritage of all the dynasties that have resided here, their culture, their monuments and their palace...

Best Time: September to October (Autumn)

3. Shanghai

4.2 /5

3 out of 8
Places to visit in China 17
Tourist attractions

Shanghai is among China's most important cities. It is the most populous city in China and also the most populous in the world. Due to it's wide array of tourist attractions, Shanghai serves as one of China's best tourist destinations.

Best Time: March to May

4. Xi'an

4.0 /5

4 out of 8
Places to visit in China 8
Tourist attractions

Oldest among the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

Best Time: March to May

5. Shenzhen

3.6 /5

5 out of 8
Places to visit in China 8
Tourist attractions

Connects Hong Kong to mainland China

Best Time: November to early January

6. Guangzhou

5.0 /5

6 out of 8
Places to visit in China 8
Tourist attractions

Capital and the largest city of the Guangdong Province

Best Time: February to May

7. Yinchuan

3.0 /5

7 out of 8
Places to visit in China

The city of Yinchuan is surrounded by nature's splendour. It has the Yellow River that borders it on the East and over by the West side, it is protected by the Helanshan mountain, where the famed Helanshan Rock Carvings are found, and this offers a rare insight into the life and times of the ancient...

Best Time: May to October

8. Zhengzhou

3.0 /5

8 out of 8
Places to visit in China

Zhengzhou is the capital of the Henan province of China. What is surprising about the city is that is has a population of about 8 million people - most of whom are natives of Zhengzhou! This area is also known as being the birthplace of the Chinese civilisation!

Best Time: July to October

FAQs on China

What is the currency of China?

Renminbi Yuan or Yuan is the official currency of China, and the only currency accepted there. Its notes are available in the denomination of CNY 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Beware of CNY 50 and 100 notes counterfeit, which are quite common. In the major provincial cities and designated establishments, credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club are easily accepted. However, as you move away from the major cities, cards are not likely to be accepted. The economy shifts to cash based, thus it is advised to carry cash.

What is the history of China?

The history of this country has swindled between the periods of dissension and periods of great national unity. China stood united for the first time under the rule of the Qin Dynasty in 3rd century BC, who also initiated the first stretches of the Great Wall. The seat of power shifted to less controlling Han Dynasty for four centuries. The period followed with bitter internal clashes with the last dynasty; the QinÊcontinued until 1911 when finally Sun Yat-sen found the Republic of China. China went through eight years of brutal time after Japan attacked in 1937. With their withdrawal, a civil war started between Mao Zedongs communists and nationalists. The victorious communist party then founded the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 giving way to the Cultural Revolution along with currently ongoing occupation of Tibet. With much turbulence over the years and political reform, China continued to become an economic powerhouse but yet a tightly controlled economy.

What is unique about culture of China?

China like most of other Asian countries is deep-rooted with its ancient culture. The country has a community-based culture and a strong family system. Arts, crafts, dance, music, philosophy and feng-shui also form the base of rich Chinese culture. Chinese society, in general, is rather secular and is officially an atheist country. Other religions such as Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism are followed and well tolerated in the country. The official language of China isÊMandarin Chinese. However, there are a plethora of other local dialects spoken all over the country including Shanghainese, Hokkien-Taiwanese, Xiang, Fuzhou, Gan and Hakka dialects in the south and mMany hotels also understand these languages.ÊA lot of guides and interpreters are available who speak English. ÊMany hotels also understand English, but taxi drivers, even in the big cities do not understand the language. Common Mandarin phrasesÊare:ÊWelcome: Huanying guanglinHello: Ni hao Thank you: Xiexie (pronounced as shi shi) Sorry: Duibuqi Please: Mafanni

How is China divided into regions?

China is chiefly divided into thirty-one provinces and seven regions, each region featuring its own speciality. The Northeast China cradles vast forests with snowy winter exhibiting Japanese, Russian and Korean influence; North China is the heart of Chinas civilisation and includes the Yellow River Basin area. Northwest China is a land of deserts, grasslands, mountains, Islam, nomadic people and the countrys capital for 1000 years; Southwest China and South-central China holds the minority of the nation and represents the farming areas of China respectively. Where the Southeast China is the manufacturing hub and trading centre, East China houses the countrys new cosmopolitan economic centre and is known as land of fish and rice.
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