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Exploring Fethiye is a delight no matter which activity you like most- walking through monuments, enjoying the local culture, or even shopping. And as rich as Fethiye is in culture, it includes some amazing places that will blow away any shopaholic. You can find spots for all budgets with stalls and shops selling everything from clothes to souvenirs.
Here are some of the best and most affordable shopping places in Fethiye: 

1. Tuesday Market

Shopping places
The Tuesday Market (Sali Pazari) is the most popular in the city, and for good reason too. It is a cluster of local vendor stalls concentrated in the city center. You can see huge crowds of locals and tourists walking through the space between stalls.
Since the market comprises local vendors, you can ensure fresh produce and high-quality food. As for apparel, you can find some extremely affordable options. However, you must negotiate a little to find the best deal. A tip from locals is to always go around trying the local cuisine. The fresh food at the markets is something you may not find in any other place.
Timings- 9 am to 6 pm (usually starts even earlier and ends at sunset)
Things to Buy- Food, apparel, shoes, groceries, local handicraft, fresh produce.

2. Makri Shopping Center

Shopping spots
The Makri shopping center resembles a mall of sorts, but it is an affordable place. The prices are moderate, and the best part is that the shopping center stays open till late at night. The market offers many items like food, apparel, shoes, and more. However, you won't find the farmer's fresh produce or other such items. The Tuesday market is better if you want to get farmer's items.
The market also features many local food spots and restaurants in between. So, if you’re looking for a place to eat and drink, even late at night, the Makri Shopping Center is ideal.
Timings- 7 am to 12 am (midnight)
Things to Buy- Food, apparel, shoes, groceries. 
Aside from the street stalls, you can also find yourself in retail stores and malls in Fethiye. While they are less known than street shopping, there are still options to choose from.
Here are some high-end shopping locations in Fethiye for luxurious shopping:

3. Erasta Shopping Mall

Picture of shopping mall
The Erasta Mall is one of the only malls in the city, offering multiple retail stores and food locations. It is air-conditioned and closed, so you do not have to worry about the sweltering heat. You can find outlets of popular brands like US Polo, Madame Coco, Samsonite, etc. As for food chains and stores, there are many options to choose from, like Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, etc.
It is more luxurious and expensive, quite the opposite of locations like the Tuesday Market. If you're used to shopping in closed places and want branded goods, this is the place for you.
Timings- 10 am to 10 pm
Things to Buy- Food, apparel, shoes, designer clothes, food chains. 

4. Paspatur Bazaar

Picture of shopping spot
The Paspatur Bazaar is another ideal tourist option due to its balance between amazingly cheap and branded goods. You will find branded or fake designer items at an unbelievable rate if you negotiate well. The Paspatur Bazaar is the perfect mix of affordability and high-end locations. You will see street stalls alongside brand outlets on the same street. It is why the streets are also less crowded here. So, if you want a better selection of options to choose from, you can check it out. It is best for people who prefer clear-cut prices and a more relaxed shopping environment.
Timings- Some shops open all day and night
Things to Buy- Food, apparel, shoes, branded clothes. 

What to Buy in Fethiye


Picture of souvenirs
Souvenirs are perfect to buy in any location you go to. Turkish goods like perfumes, traditional clothes, small decorative pieces, and more. You can take these along with you to keep in your home.Or you can even distribute it among your friends and family members. There is so much to choose from and something from people of all age groups. Even sweets and treats can be souvenirs, which appeal to children especially.

Spices & Condiments

Spices and condiments
The spices and condiments found in Fethiye are among the most aromatic ones ever. All of Turkey has locally grown spices ground locally as well. Such produce ensures that the flavors of the spices are intense. And if you've become a fan of the food you have found in Turkey, you can take the spices home. Even though the recipes have many steps, you may be able to recreate the taste of Fethiye at home too. 


Picture of apparel
Clothes are surprisingly affordable if you buy them in the street markets like the Tuesday Market. You can find everything from traditional clothes to modern pieces in the stalls. However, you must bargain a lot for the best price. The vendors will try to sell you something for a slightly higher price. But if you do a little bargaining, you can get it even cheaper.
Fethiye is a stunning tourist destination in Turkey with an incredible coastline. But apart from the breathtaking beaches and serenity of nature, it is quite the spot for a shopaholic too.

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