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Time Required : December to April

Entry Fee : USD 60 - USD 1250

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Water Sports, Maldives Overview

For all those wishing to keep their heads above water, Maldives won't disappoint. The natural environment of the islands bejeweled with crystal clear lagoons and turquoise blue waters is the perfect combination for a natural water sports arena. With technological advancement water sports centres have advanced equipment which will make your experience a thrilling one.

No vacation to a tropical beach destination is complete without experiencing its myriad options of watersports! Watersports can make or break a holiday, be it for solo travellers, couples, families and adventure junkies. Maldives is a great destination for you to enjoy and indulge in water sports. If you're unsure about the options available, you've come to the right place! We've put together a comprehensive list of the watersports in the Maldives that you can try out, for an unforgettable vacation. Take your pick!


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Types of Water Sports in Maldives

1. Banana Boating 

Banana boating in maldives
Banana Boating in Maldives

This super fun activity involves a longboat where you are strapped to, so you cannot fall as you zoom over the stark blue waters of the ocean. This group sport is super thrilling and is a must-do in the Maldives. A banana a day, keep holiday pangs at bay, minions!

Best time: April to October

Location: You can avail this in almost every resort beach in the country. They are popular in Malé, Baa Atoll, Ari Atolls and Kaafu Atoll.  

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 50 - USD 80 per person, for 20 minutes

2. Catamaran sailing 

catamaran sailing in maldives
Catamaran Sailing in Maldives

Let the calm, lilting waters of the Indian Ocean serenade you as you lounge on a magnificent catamaran! These sailboats offer you privacy, luxury and amazing holiday vibes as you relax with a loved one and enjoy the spectacular panoramas of Maldives. Extra brownie points if you watch the sunset on a catamaran!

Best time: November to April

Location: All major ports in the country offer catamarans on a charter basis. Resorts also provide charters, in addition to agencies

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 50 - 80 per person, for one hour, including a guide and crew. You can also avail sailing lessons for USD 60 per person per hour

3. Fishing 
Fishing in Maldives
Fishing in the Maldives

Fishing is one of the most satisfying watersports in the Maldives as it is relaxing and rewarding too! You are allowed to keep the fish you catch and cook them too. Big game fishing is also an option where you can come face-to-face with exotic sailfish. As the proverb goes, teach a person to fish, and they'll never go hungry again!

Best time: November to March

Location: All resort islands offer big game fishing. You can contact agencies to take you to fishing locations too

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 80 - 100 per person per hour

4. Flyboarding

This futuristic ride has a board which is propelled into the air, enabling you to hydro-fly! Prepare to indulge in this unforgettable experience as you soar above the sea and watch the world with a top view.

Best time: April to October

Location: Lhaviyani Atoll, Maafushi Island

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 150 per person for a 30-minute starter lesson. USD 75 per person for a 15-minute pro ride

5. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing at Maldives
Jet Skiing in Maldives

This is a faster variation of water skiing, as you and your partner sit on a jet ski and drive away into the blue sea. Channel some major 007 vibes as you zip through the waves!

Best time: April to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé. Contact agencies to ship you to beaches where you can jetski.  

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 70 - USD 100 per person for half an hour

6. Fun tube
Fun tube in Maldives

The tube has got 'fun' in its name - what more do you need!? This group ride consists of a bed-like tube where you can sit with your squad, and zoom through the bright blue ocean! This is the epitome of laid-back fun combined with the thrill of speed. Do not miss out on this crazy watersports in the Maldives.

Best time: April to October

Location: You can avail this in almost every resort beach in the country. They are popular in Malé, Baa Atoll, Ari Atolls and Kaafu Atoll.  

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 130 for two people for 20 minutes

7. Kayaking 
kayaking in maldives
Kayaking in Maldives

This is one of the most popular adventure sports in the Maldives, and for a good reason too. Explore and experience the coastline at your own pace as you become part of the swaying waves, and watch your stresses melt away!

Best time: April to October

Location: Even small beaches in local islands have kayaking facilities so that you can rent a kayak on almost every beach in Maldives

Swimming proficiency: Preferred

Average cost: Resorts often offer kayaks free of charge to patrons. Renting a kayak can cost you as cheap as USD 10 - USD 50 per person. Some public beaches also have free kayak rentals.

8.   Kitesurfing 

kitesurfing in Maldives
Kitesurfing in the Maldives

This is twice as thrilling as surfing as you have the added pull of the tropical winds! Experience the ocean like never before as you become one with the waves, and soar into the wake with your mighty kite. This can be a great gateway sport into surfing as well.

Best time: April to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé and Hulumalé  

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 50 - USD 90 per person per hour

9. Parasailing

Parasailing in Maldives
Parasailing in Maldives

It's time to fly as high as a kite, soaring over the pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Kitesurfing is an exciting watersport in the Maldives to try out, as it offers a stunning bird's eye view of the archipelago as you're tethered to a speedboat!

Best time: April to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé, Hulumalé  

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 90 per person for 10 minutes

10. Surfing 

surfing in maldives
Surfing in Maldives

No beach holiday is complete without a surfing trip! Take the waves by storm as you ride the ocean in all its glory in Maldives. You can try stand-up paddling and then proceed to surf as well.

Best time: April to October

Location: The best wakes are in Baa Atoll and Thulusdhoo Islands, but you can enjoy surfing at any beach with an instructor. Agencies often take you on trips to other islands, so contact them for the best locations

Swimming proficiency: Required

Average cost: USD 130 per person for two hours

11. Waterskiing 
Waterskiing in Maldives
Waterskiing in Maldives

Move over, snow-clad mountains, as water skiing has taken over skiing on snow! Waterskiing gives you the added thrill of meeting dolphins or turtles while on the ocean. Waterskiing is much easier than wakeboarding - go water skiing first, then wakeboarding, and then kneeboarding. Waterskiing involves using a ski on each leg as you glide over the waves!

Best time: April to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé, Ari Atoll, Hulumalé  

Swimming proficiency: Preferred

Average cost: USD 75 per person for 20 minutes, with a guide

12. Wakeboarding 
Wakeboarding in Maldives
Wakeboarding in Maldives

This sport is as thrilling as it is adventurous! A gateway into kitesurfing, this sport involves holding on to a tether as you stand on a wave. You can try wakeboarding before you embark on kneeboarding, as both require a good sense of understanding your centre of gravity, so you can balance on the board. Go wakeboarding in the Maldives to stay woke!

Best time: April to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé, Hulumalé, Ari Atoll

Swimming proficiency: Required

Average cost: USD 70 per person for half an hour of starter lessons. USD 35 per person for 10 minutes

13. Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding in Maldives

This sport can be a little challenging for beginners, as it is a bit more complex than water skiing. But don't be deterred, as the thrill is worth it! This sport involves holding on to a tether while on your knees on a board, as you zip through the ocean. It gives you a much closer experience with the ocean, and leaves you immersed in a sea of memories - all puns intended!

Best time: March to October

Location: All resort islands, Malé, Hulumalé, Kaafu Atoll

Swimming proficiency: Preferred

Average cost: USD 40 per person for a 10-minute pro ride. USD 60 per person for a 20-minute starter lesson

14. Underwater scooters
underwater scooters in Maldives
Underwater Scooters in Maldives

Water scooters are passé - it is time for underwater scooters! Explore the deep ocean in the comfort of a motorised scooter, as you wave to fish and swim with turtles. This scooter has a bubble which keeps your head dry, which means that you can wear glasses as well. It is one of the unique watersports in Maldives.

Best time: December to March

Location: Maafushi Island, Malé, Hulumalé, Baa Atoll

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 180 per person per hour, or USD 280 for a couple per hour

15. Stand up paddling 

Stand up paddling in Maldives
Stand up paddling in the Maldives

Stand up paddling, or SUP is a great way to explore the island, and is an amazing workout too! This is the gateway to surfing, as it enables you to move at your own pace while catching the wake too. It gives you the thrill of surfing combined with the comfort of a boat - we love!

Best time: March to May, September to November

Location: The best wakes are in Baa Atoll and Thulusdhoo Islands, but you can enjoy stand up paddling at any beach with an instructor

Swimming proficiency: Nil

Average cost: USD 30 per person per hour, without a guide USD 40 per person per hour, with a guide

Best Time To Visit For Water Sports in Maldives

December to April

Watersports Operators in Maldives

Watersports operators in Maldives

Usually, acclaimed water sports operate with resorts, so that patrons of the resort can avail the facilities offered at an extra charge. This doesn't need you to be a patron of the resort to avail the tours - you can always approach them separately. The locations of the activities are usually centred around the resort islands that the agencies operate within.

1. Kurumba Water Sports: Kurumba Water Sports is the sports operator agency affiliated to Kurumba Maldives, a resort island in Vihamanafushi. While staying at the resort gives you an edge over choosing the sports you want and making use of the amenities, you can also approach the agency for private bookings. They offer all the sports mentioned above. You can visit them personally at the resort.

2. Dive Kingdom: The Dive Kingdom offers water sports at Ayada Maldives, a resort located at Maguhdhuvaa Island, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. It provides excursions and trips for jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, catamaran sailing, fun tubes, windsurfing, wave surfing, sunset fishing and speedboat charters. Diving lessons are also held periodically. An interesting option you can explore is the kid's program, where a PADI course can be taught to children starting from age 8.

3. Extreme Maldives: This agency operates from two resorts - the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa at Furanafushi Island, North Malé Atoll, and Cocoon Maldives at Ookolhufinolho, Lhaviyani Atoll. They provide reliable equipment and certified instructors, who offer exclusive excursions in catamaran sailing, jet skiing, kiteboarding, surfing, speed boating, parasailing, canoeing, wakeskating, windsurfing, wakeboarding, big game fishing, water skiing, and snorkelling. Cruises can also be arranged. You can contact them.

4. Qadventure Maldives: This adventure operator agency is a water sports facilitator who has branches in three of the most populated and frequented atolls - Royal Island Resort and Spa in Baa Atoll, Paradise Island Resort and Spa in Malé Atoll and Sun Island Resort in South Ari Atoll. They offer catamaran sailing, snorkelling, kitesurfing, water scooter, parasailing and windsurfing experiences, among others. They also provide PADI coaching and custom consultations. You can approach them at any of their locations.

Tips for Water Sports in Maldives

1. The adventure agencies often follow a schedule for water sports - for example, the time for reef snorkelling as a group may be on Monday morning, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Do enquire with the agency in advance to book your slot.

2. All agencies provide equipment on a rental basis. Handle them carefully.

3. Make sure that you are insured before embarking on vacations, especially those that involve sporting activities.
4. Some agencies may require you to sign a document that holds you responsible for any physical harm. So, exercise caution while engaging in water sports
5. People with health issues like hyperventilation, hypothermia, heart issues, asthma, and BP issues are advised to exercise caution before taking up water sports

6. Stock up on waterproof sunscreen to keep your skin safe

7. Be sure to wear a lifejacket before getting into the water, especially if you don't know how to swim

8. Some activities may not be recommended for pregnant women - ask your instructor for details

9. Fares mentioned may be exclusive of taxes

10. Remember that all activities are subject to weather conditions - watersports in Maldives are suspended in case of unfavourable weather

11. Take a waterproof box along to keep your belongings safe like your wallet, phone and keys

12. Take along an action camera to record your adventures

13. Keep in mind these general safety and travel advice while travelling to this island nation

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